• Geocover Agro Non-Woven Fabric

    We are the manufacturer and distributor of the highest quality Agro Non-Woven Fabric and Agro textile in to be found in Poland.

    Thanks to our long-standing experience and commitment we are able to cope with the exacting requirements of our customers and to keep pace with the constantly changing market.

  • Weather Protection Cover

    Designed primarily for the outdoor storage of straw bales..

    A protective sheet for straw bales is an effective solution which enables the protection of straw bales from adverse weather conditions while at the same time minimizing the risk of the development of moulds due to its “breathing” properties.

  • Agro Non-Woven Fabric for mulching

    The Geocover Agro Non-Woven Fabric for mulching is most commonly used for the production of vegetables.

    The use of the Agro Non-Woven Fabric consists of the placing of a material layer between the soil and the crop in order to protect seedlings.

  • Agro Non-Woven Fabric for piles

    This product enables the maintenance of a higher temperature under the insulation wrapper and effectively prevents the loss of sugar content caused by low, and particularly sub-zero temperatures.

    The correct protection of sugar beet piles against adverse weather conditions during the prolonged storage of roots is an essential element in the entire process of the production of sugar beets.

  • Covering with Agro Non-Woven Fabric

    The Geocover Agro Non-Woven Fabric is a Polish product of the highest quality. The strong UV concentrate ensures that our products are characterized by a long life span, allowing it to be used over a few seasons, therefore it represents a very economical solution.

    It creates a buffer zone inside which enables the plant to grow properly. It works excellently as a winter protection for all the sensitive varieties of vegetables, fruit, flowers, and shrubs.


Black Agro Non-Woven Fabric

czarna 298

Black Agro Non-Woven Fabric for mulching manufactured in weights: 30g/m2, 50g/m2, 100g/m2, and 150g/m2.

Brown Agro Non-Woven Fabric


Brown Agro Non-Woven Fabric for mulching manufactured in the basis weight: 50g/m2, to go under a layer of bark

White Agro Non-Woven Fabric


White Agro Non-Woven Fabric for covering plants manufactured in basic weights from 17g/m2 up to 50g/m2.

Protective hoods


Protective hoods made of white, winter Agro Non-Woven Fabric in the basic weight of 50g/m2 and sizes 50×80, 70×110, 100×140.

Non-Woven Fabric for Beetroot


White Agro Non-Woven Fabric 50g/m2 for wrapping sugar piles, width from 6.35 m to 12.65 m.

Protective sheet


Green Agro Non-Woven Fabric 140 g/m2 for the protection of produce against severe weather conditions.